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- Globe Party String Lights & Globe Lights (G30, G40, G50)

Globe Light Set

Globe Light Bulbs

These come packaged with the globe lights screwed in and are ready to be used. End-to-end connectable up to 3 light sets.
These give you more flexibility in choosing colors of lights and cords, as well as lengths of light cords.

Globe Bulbs
Sizes available for Globe Party Lights:
  • G30 globe lights (1-1/4 inch dia)
  • G40 globe lights (1-1/2 inch dia)
  • G50 globe lights (2 inch dia)
Socket Base Size:
  • Candelabra (E-12, 12mm dia, approx 1/2 inch)
  • Intermediate (E-17, 15mm dia, approx 2/3 inch)
Cord (Wire) Color:
  • Green
  • White
Globe party string lights are UL listed for indoor and outdoor use.
Globe party lights are ideal for decorating parties, weddings and tent events. The shape of the globe bulb is unique, in that it is almost a perfect globe instead of the traditional pear-shaped party light bulbs.
These globe light sets can be connected up to 3 globe light strings together, making them easy to string up in a residential room or in a public banquet hall.
Globe party string lights with white cord and pearl white bulbs are popularly used as wedding lights. Also try decorating weddings and other distinguished events with the white cord/clear bulb string lights.
The pearl white bulbs have a pearly sheen to their color, and give them a more distinguished look compared to the traditional flat white color. Similarly, the satin multi bulbs also have a shiny finish, which differentiates them from bulbs that ordinarily have a "flat" (non-shiny) finish. 

All light string sets have a candelabra (E12) socket base, also referred to as C7 base. (When purchasing replacement bulbs, please make sure they have a candelabra base.)


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