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- Paper Lantern Lighting Accessories


Asian paper lanterns add a sophisticated look to weddings, corporate events and birthday parties.

We offer lighting accessories (light strings and light bulbs)that are usually not included with paper lanterns.
Most paper lanterns come with an inside wire frame which helps to keep the lantern fully stretched and helps to keep the electrical cord attached to the lantern. Usually you can use this frame attach power cords or light strings.
You have a choice of using intermediate-base light bulbs or medium-base light bulbs. Intermediate base bulbs are usually dimmer and used for accent lighting. Medium base bulbs are usually brighter and can help with limited illumination.
Our paper lantern light strings are designed for use with paper lanterns, since the spacing between sockets is 2 feet or 3 feet. This helps ensure there is enough room to hang paper lanterns and still have some empty space between lanterns. Most light strings only have 1 foot spacing between sockets.
 Intermediate-Base Light Bulbs  Medium-Base Light Bulbs
 C9 Bulb (7 Watts, Various Colors)  S11 Bulb (7.5 Watts, Various Colors)
   S14 Bulb (11 Watts, Various Colors)
   A15 Bulb (15 Watts, Various Colors)
   A19 Bulb (25 Watts, Various Colors)
 Intermediate-Base (C9) Light Cord  

 C9 Light Cord (30 ft, 3ft spacing, 10 sockets)

 C9 Light Cord (30 ft, 2ft spacing, 15 sockets)  
 C9 Light String (14 ft, 3ft spacing, 5 sockets)  
 C9 Light String (14 ft, 2 ft spacing, 7 sockets)  


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