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Sival, Inc. - Importer and distributor of quality Christmas, party and commercial lighting.
Customer Support/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

Products may be returned only after receiving an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization) from Sival, Inc. Returns without an RMA# will not be accepted. Shipping charges are not refundable. Returns must be shipped prepaid, in original packaging materials and in resalable condition. Consider insuring your shipment, as Sival, Inc. is not liable for products lost or damaged en route to Sival, Inc.

Unless Sival, Inc. makes an error in processing/shipping your order, returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.  Therefore, please double check your billing/shipping information, quanitites and colors of products purchased, pricing, etc. You will receive an email confirmation with all details for your order. If you do not receive a confirmation, please call us; chances are your email address was inputted incorrectly.

To receive credit for defective merchandise, it must be returned to Sival; do not destroy or dispose.  Used merchandise, unless found to be defective within the warranty period, cannot be returned.  No returns accepted after 20 days after receipt of product.

Custom ordered products are not returnable. Holiday products cannot be returned after December 15.

How do I cancel an order?
You may cancel an order by contacting us at 1-800-777-8667, provided that the order has not yet been shipped from our warehouse. Once the item has been shipped, you may return the item with a 20% restocking fee, as detailed in Return Policy above.

Privacy and Security

What is your privacy policy?
We are committed to the privacy of our customers.  We will never distribute, rent, or sell our customers' email addresses or other personal information to another company or organization. Any information collected is for the sole purpose of billing and shipping needs only.
Is it safe to order online?
We have an extremely safe online ordering system with 128-bit encryption. The shopping cart feature used in our website is protected by a wide range of security features. When ordering, look for the padlock icon on your web browser - this shows you that the encryption system is working. When data is transferred between your web browser and our servers, the data becomes encrypted, which helps prevent hackers from being able to read the data.

Limited Warranty & Responsibility

Sival, Inc. warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of shipment. Please call or write for warranty claim instructions.  Once the merchandise is received and examined, provided that the merchandise had  not been misused or abused, Sival, Inc., at its discretion, will either repair or replace the merchandise.

Sival, Inc. assumes no responsibility in any event for payment of incidental or consequential damages including, without limitation, costs relating to installation or reinstallation of the products, or damages to properties or personal injuries. These products may induce electrical shocks to persons or fire hazards to properties if not installed properly. This warranty is voided for products not installed according to current local and/or National Electrical Codes (NEC).

General FAQs

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard.We only charge your credit at the time when your order is shipped. If an item is out of stock or back-ordered, we only charge you for items actually shipped to you. For online orders, we do not accept checks or C.O.D. 

Is there a minimum quantity that I must order?
The minimum online order for website orders is $35.00 (not including shipping fees and taxes). Minimum orders by phone are $100.00 (not including shipping fees and taxes).

What is the difference between your lighting products and those of other stores?
Our products are of commercial grade (rather than residential grade) and guaranteed for quality and performance accordingly. Because our products are imported directly from the manufacturer, we have eliminated the middle-man. Therefore, we can price our items more competitively and pass the savings on to our customers.

Product FAQs

What is UL Listed?
UL Listed means that samples of this product have been tested and certified with the safety requirements of Underwriters Laboratories. Underwriters Laboratories is a independent laboratory that tests products for their safety.

What is the difference between different base sizes on light bulbs?
The three most commonly used light bulb bases in holiday lighting are the following: candelabra base (E-12), intermediate base (E-17), and medium base (E-26 or E-27). Candelabra bases are the smallest and medium bases are the largest. For each type of base, there is a corresponding socket size. For example, a light bulb with a candelabra base will fit only a candelabra socket. Therefore, when purchasing light strings, be sure to purchase bulbs with compatible bases. If you purchase light strings with Medium sockets, be sure that the light bulbs you purchase also have a Medium base.

How many lights will I need to decorate my Christmas tree?
The number of lights you will need depends on the size of your tree as well as the type of lights that you are using. Below are decorating suggestions.

For minilights:
Tree height Number of minilights
4 ft. 200 lights
5 ft. 250 lights
6 ft. 300 lights
7 ft. 400 lights plus 100 lights for each foot above 7 ft.

For C7 Light Strings:
Tree height Number of minilights
3 ft. 25 lights
4 ft. 50 lights
5 ft. 75 lights
6 ft. 100 lights plus 25 lights for each foot above 6 ft.

For C9 Light Strings:
For a minimally lit tree, use the following number of lights:
multiply height (ft.) x width (ft.) x 1.5
For a well-lit tree, use the following number of lights:
multiply height (ft.) x width (ft.) x 3

How many sets of minilights can be connected together?
It is recommended that a maximum of 3 sets be connected together end-to-end. If more than 3 sets are connected together, the wire may overheat leading to a fire hazard. If you must use more than 3 sets, use extension cords to plug sets in separately.

What is the difference between all the different types of light strings you carry?
Check out our Light Strings Comparison Chart

To decorate Christmas trees or to hang outside the home, most customers prefer the C7 Light Strings or C9 Light Strings. C7 Light Strings and C9 Light Strings are commonly used to decorate the outside of homes. C9 Light Strings are especially useful for decorating buildings that are 2 stories of more, as these bulbs shine brighter and are more visible from a distance.

Increasingly popular are our Party Light Strings, which come with globe bulbs.

What is the difference between the C7 and C9 Bulbs?
The C7 Bulb has a Candelabra base (E-12) and is approximately 1.5 inches tall, excluding the base. The C9 Bulb has an Intermediate base and is approximately 2 inches tall, excluding the base.

For decorating trees, C7 Bulbs are usually used for trees of 4 ft. or taller. Because C9 Bulbs are larger, they are usually used on trees that are 6 ft. or taller.

Both bulbs can be used for decorating homes. For buildings that are 2 stories or more, C9 Bulbs should be used as they appear brighter.

How do I hang up C7 and C9 Light Strings?
C-7 and C-9 Light Strings are great for decorating the outside of your home. Most customers prefer to use the All-in-One Clip, which can be used to clip light strings along gutters or roof shingles. Buy one clip per light bulb on the light string.

How many sets of C7/C9 Light Strings can be connected together?
It is recommended that when using 5 watt bulbs, only 175 bulbs are allowed per circuit. For 7 watt bulbs, only 125 bulbs are allowed per circuit. A circuit is when one or more light strings are connected together end-to-end. Running more bulbs the recommendations above may cause the wires to overheat and lead to a fire hazard.

Are LED lights worth the higher price?
LED lights are relatively new technology and as their costs of production have come down, they have become more affordable to consumers. Although, they still cost more than conventional lights, they shine brighter and utilize less power. Because they use little power, generate very little heat. Unlike conventional light bulbs, they are made out of silicon chips encapsulated in plastic and do not contain a filament. As a result, they do not break and last many, many times longer than conventional bulbs.

Why can rope lights be cut only along certain increments of length?
Rope lights come in 150 ft. spools and must be custom cut by the user for that particular application. Because of the way rope lights are built, rope lights can be cut only at certain point along the length of the rope light. Instructions for doing this are included with the product.

What is a maximum run?
Depending on a wire's gauge (or thickness), different wires are designed to carry up to a certain amount of electrical current (Amps). For each individual product, recommendations are given regarding their max run. If these recommendations are not followed, the wire may overheat and a fire hazard may result.

For rope lights, the max run means that the rope light should not be beyond a certain recommended length.

For light strings, a max run is given in terms of watts per circuit. This means that one light string (or several light strings connected end-to-end), should contain only a certain amount of wattage. For example, for a light string with a max run of 700 watts/circuit using 7 watt bulbs, the light string should not be used to light more than 100 light bulbs (100 bulbs x 7 watts = 700 watts).

What is the difference between your lighting products and those of other stores?
Our products are of commercial grade and guaranteed for quality and performance. Because our products are imported directly from the manufacturer, we have eliminated the middle-man. Therefore, we can price our items more competitively and pass the savings on to our customers.

What is steady burn or single flashing?
Steady burn means that the lights remain constantly on. Single flashing means that the lights flash on and off. 

Typographical Errors and Price Updates

We are not responsible for typographical or pictorial errors. The photographs and diagrams included are for illustrative purposes only, and may not be exact. In the event there is a misprint, we reserve the right to correct pricing. We also reserve the right to inform our customers of any price updates or changes.

Request a Catalog

Catalog requests are normally limited to distributors, retailers, display installers, event planners, etc. Please click here.

Ideas for Using our Products

We have a wide variety of customers, who use our lighting products for decorating weddings, parties, churches, malls, commercial buildings, etc. Depending on the size, location and scope of your project, you may decide to use C7/C9 light stringers, incandescent or LED light strings, or heavy-duty light strings. LED Floralytes, battery-operated candles and paper lanterns are also popular products for special events. Click here for some ideas on how our products are used.


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